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Travel Story by Ian Reynolds and Helga McGilp

  Press Release

Check in at Deaftravel; a new website for Deaf travellers

What does a Deaf traveller do when they want advice about Paris, Sydney or Beijing, want to find out where the next international Deaf event is being held or want to know if the country they’re visiting has a local Deaf club or organisation?

They go to It’s a unique community website; the first in the world to be set up with Deaf people in mind.

Deaftravel is a resource for Deaf travellers both at home and abroad. If a Deaf person in America or Australia wants to know where to meet British Deaf people and what Deaf events are taking place during their visit to the UK, they can use the website to access the information they need.

The website has been established as a response to the increasing number of Deaf people travelling abroad, and is packed with general as well as Deaf-related information.

Deaftravel ensures that Deaf people will now have the same access to travel information as everyone else since travellers can access the website in many ways, including through British Sign Language. originated from an idea by Ian Reynolds and Helga McGilp. Often approached for travel advice they realised that there was no central source of information specifically for Deaf travellers. This new website, designed and sponsored by Productions Ltd, will address these issues and show that being Deaf and using sign language as a means of communication is no barrier to independent travel, either at home or abroad.
Deaf people will have the opportunity to talk about their travel experiences through written articles or BSL video clips. There will also be travel advice, images of Sign Languages from around the world, a calendar of international Deaf-related events, and a worldwide directory with information on Deaf clubs, schools and organisations. This will help promote social inclusion, independence and confidence.

One of Deaftravel’s aims is to promote a positive image of sign language and dispel myths and preconceived notions. It also aims to encourage an exchange of knowledge and personal experiences with Deaf people in developing countries.

Date Submitted: 10 Oct 2006

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