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Travel Story by Ian Reynolds

  Deaftravel launch - Glasgow
Glasgow, UK

An audience with Deaftravel

The evening after the London launch Ian and Helga gave another presentation, this time to an audience of 53 at a hall provided by Deaf Connections in Glasgow.

There was some light-hearted banter as Ian and Helga demonstrated how much of the world they have travelled so far. While 34 and 40 countries sounds a lot it only represents 15% and 17% of the world. Why not see how many countries you have travelled to and what percentage of the world you have covered? Take a look at:

The children were fascinated Ianís photos of penguins and whales from his trip to Antarctica and took great delight in copying Ian's signs. Helga talked about her experiences at a Deaf school in Mongolia where she stopped off on her Trans Siberian journey.

This was another successful evening and there are plans to hold more of these travel talks at different venues around the country with guest Deaf speakers.

More photos can be viewed at:

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Date Submitted: 05 Sep 2006

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