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Travel Story by Avril Hepner

  What's the sign for Budapest
Budapest, Hungary

Avril queries a member of SINOSZ staff on the two different signs for Budapest behind the Deaf Club on the day before of the 100th anniversary of the National Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Hungary

Helga experiments with her linguistic skills for the sign for Budapest!

The sign for Buda is half-a-hill and Pest is flat.

1. The first sign was like this: party on still mode or the sign for Walsall, the wee finger indicates the sign for Buda, the three middle fingers indicates the River Danube and the thumb finger for Pest;

2. The second sign was like this: sign for half-a-hill to indicate Buda then sign flat across a river for the Pest part.

Date Submitted:
11 Dec 2007

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