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Travel Story by Avril Hepner

  Interview with Mark Wheatley - EUD
Budapest, Hungary

Avril interviews Mark Wheatley, Director of EUD in Budapest, Hungary.

December 2007 marked the hundredth anniversary of SINOSZ (the National Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Hungary) The country fell under both Nazi Germany and the former Soviet Union following World War II but SINOSZ have survived for 100 years.

Please note: There is an article in British Deaf News (March 2008) written by David Jackson about the Centenary Celebration of SINOSZ.

The Hungarian Government have ratified the UN Convention but sign language is not really recognised.

Mark explained the differences between the BSL marches in London and the one in Budapest. Members of the Hungarian Deaf community have formed a human chain by holding hands by the river and behind the Parliament to maximise publicity. All members wore the same colours: blue ponchos and white gloves. It was believed that over 2,000 Hungarians attended.

Eva Fielding Jackson says: "on behalf of the BDA, presented a plaque showing Tower Bridge to indicate a bridge between the BDA and SINOSZ with the hope the BDA can persuade the British Government to ratify the convention"

For more information, see the British Deaf News for David's article.

For more information visit:

Date Submitted: 11 Dec 2007

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